Dizzy Dishes is a animated short film created by the Fleischer Studios in 1930 as part of the Talkartoon series. It is famous as a debut cartoon of Betty Boop

the cartoon starts of with some dancing flapper cats. Then Bimbo the dog waits on Gus the gorilla who orders Roast duck. while he is about to serve the meal to the gorilla he sees a helen kane caricature preforming on stage. she is nameless but is known as Betty Boop. she finishes preforming the song "I Have to Have You" which was previously preformed by Helen Kane in the movie Pointed Heels in (1929). While Betty Boop is preforming Bimbo forgets about his hungry customer the gorilla then gets angry and goes straight for bimbo. but bimbo escapes on a wooden looking toy train.

The Cartoon was Directed by Dave fleischer

Produced by Max Fleischer

Starring Margie Hinesas the singing voice for Betty Boop

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