Betty Boops First Apperence Dizzy Dishes (1930)

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The Creation of Betty Boop

The animated (1930s) character Betty Boop was created by an artist called grim natwick. In 1929 Grim natwick joined the fleischer studios.

Helena kane

Helen kane photograph

Grim natwick used a photograph of the singer helen kane

max fleischer had found someone who could sound like helen kane and that was (margie hines) who was already working at the fleischer studios long before mae questel had been signed up with the studio , the character was planned to be used in the upcoming Talkartoon, Dizzy Dishes.

Betty Boop was originally meant as a caricature of helen kane

Margie hines

Margie hines

Dave Fleischer asked grim natwick to design a girlfriend for bimbo the dog to star as the fair young maiden in the cartoon version of barnacle bill the sailor.

Grim natwick used his caricature of helen kane for the part dave fleischer objected and said since bimbo was a dog his girlfriend should also be a dog.

Grim quickly sketched Betty Boop's head on a four legged canine body. He held up the drawing next to the pretty girl design, and asked, "Which would you rather have as your girlfriend? A girl? Or a dog?" Dave laughed and agreed that the pretty girl was the right choice.

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