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Bonnie poe, Mae Questel, Little ann rothschild, Kate Wright, Margie hines

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The voices behind the character Betty Boop

The Character Betty Boop was voiced by kate wright, little ann little, mae questel bonnie poe and margie hines. (Helen kane) did not voice the character betty boop she was more the inspiration for the character.
Margie hines


thumb|300px|right|Voices of Betty Boop ( Mae Questel, kate Wright, Little ann little, Bonnie poe margie hines

Margie Hines was a voice actress also known as Majories Hines. She is best known for voicing Betty Boop from 1930 and 1938-1939.She was the first voice actress of Betty Boop in Dizzy Dishes (1930).Margie Hines did the voice for the last Betty Boop cartoons.She later voiced the cartoon character Olive Oyl in the Popeye cartoons from 1938 to 1943. She was also Jack Mercer's first wife. She was the first female actress at Fleischer Studios before Mae Questel joined the studio in 1931. She was also the first female actress at Famous Studios from 1942 to 1943. Her last cartoon is "The Marry Go-Round" (a Popeye cartoon from 1943). margie hines also was shown on the fleischer studios victory newsreel booping along at the end as mae questel sang (Dont take my boop oop a doop away)

Betty Boop Filmography:

1930: Dizzy Dishes 1938: Sally Swing, On With the New, Thrills and Chills 1939: My Friend the Monkey, So Does an Automobile, Musical Mountaineers, The Scared Crows, [ Rhythm on the Reservation, ]


Kate Wright/ Catheine wright/ kathryn wright

Kate wright also known as kathryn/catherine wright recorded as (The Mystery girl) in (1929) for a rival record company towards (helen kane) The label issued four sides by a anonymous company. hoping the record buyers would confuse her with ( Helen Kane) so few sides were released suggests that the attempt to exploit helen kanes fame was not successful. Cographers have informed that ( The Mystery Girl ) was in fact kate wright

kate wright had also entered the helen kane contest which it states in the betty boop biography along with mae questel & little ann little. Kate wright voiced betty boop in some of the early cartoons from 1931 - 1932 The few songs she recorded as the mystery girl is as follows :

1.Do i know what im doing (7/9/29) ( Kalmar,Ruby)

2. Id Do anything for you (5/14/29) ( Friend,Pollack)

3.Ive Got a feeling im falling (5/14/29) ( link,Waller,Rose)

Little Ann little aka Little Ann Rothschild
Little ann little, aka little ann rothschild

Little ann rothschild aka little ann little

Little Ann not to be confused with (Ann little) she was called "Little Ann Little" because she was only 4'10" tall and weighed 76 pounds. After "Dizzy Dishes 1930" premiered, Paramount, who distributed Fleischer productions, held an audition for a girl to do the voice for the new character. Ann was chosen from among many other girls and provided the voice for a few cartoons before going on the road with a Betty Boop vaudeville act. The act consisted, in part, of a drawing demonstration by Pauline Comanor, a "movie cartoonist" who drew Ann as Betty and handed out the drawings to lucky audience members.

Bonnie poe as Betty Boop Paramount short hollywood on parade

Bonnie Poe Playing Betty Boop in the paramount short Hollywood on parade 1934

Bonnie Poe voiced both (Betty Boop & olive oyl in popeye the sailor 1933) she also did the voice for olive oyl for the debut of the popeye the sailorman.

not much is known about bonnie poe but what is known is that she always gave to charity and was a really nice woman.

Bonnie also played Betty boop in the Paramount Short ( Hollywood On Parade (1934)

when voicing the character Betty Boop bonnie poe sometimes added ( Poop Poop Pe Doop) in the animated cartoons from ( Betty in Blunderland) for an example which was a diffrent kind of booping to ( Boop Boop a Doop)

(Helen kane) also had used the word ( Poop Poop pe Doop) in some of her movies from (1929)

(Pointed heels) for an example. Bonnie Poe also was on the Fleischer Victory newsreel in (1934) where she booped at the end of the song where mae questel took the lead role in singing the song ( Dont take my Boop oop a Doop away!)

Mae Questel was greatly known for being the main voice for the cartoon character Betty Boop apart from voicing betty boop she has also created the voice for popeye the sailormans girlfriend (olive oyl)
Mae questel 16 to 17 years old

Mae Questel 16/17 years old

Mae Questel won a Helen kane contest at the age of 17

She was Seen by animator Max Fleischer, who was looking for an actress to provide the voice for his Betty Boop character. Questel's "Boop-boop-a-doop" routine, done in a style similar to that of the song's originator, Helen Kane. From 1931 until 1938, Questel provided the voice of Betty Boop During the 1930s she released a recording of "On the Good Ship Lollipop" which sold more than two million copies. Mae Questel also played the Betty Boop in Musical justice (1931)

Mae questel stopped voicing Betty Boop from (1938) and then margie hines took over voicing betty boop until the betty boop series had ended (1938) - (1939), Questel then voiced Betty Boop for the last time in betty boops cameo apperence in the (1988) movie Who framed Roger Rabbit.

Apart from voicing the Character Betty Boop Mae Questel did many other cartoon voices she also appeared on Broadway she also appeared in commercials as ( aunt Bluebell)

Death - January 4, 1998 (aged 89)

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